Productos semi-elaborados de Muebles Orts

Environment Certificate


Muebles Orts, it puts in knowledge of the clients that his suppliers are declared by that:

 - The wood used in the manufacture of the board of particles proceeds in 70 % of recycled wood, or recovered of other processes (I) (postconsume), withdrawal of form controlled by managers of residues in ecoparques or industrial estates, in 15 % of forest developments and in other one 15 % of by-products of the first or second transformation (I) (pre-consume).

- The wood used in his manufacturing process of board of particles as the perfileria does not come from troubled sources, dealing for fell the proceeding one from illegal or not authorized utilizations.

 - They manage all the residues of form controlled by managers of authorized residues.

 - They possess the certification of the chain of custody according to the system PEFC.