Dormitorio juvenil verde de Muebles Orts

Colours Combination



Bubble Gum:

Pink, almost a pale purple, suggestive of calm and tranquillity. Associated with the female gender in our culture, it can be interpreted as weakness in some contexts.

It is very eye-catching, especially if glossy or very saturated, so it is often used for accent elements.

Combinations of pink:

Monochromatic (red--->pink)

Triad (red, yellow and blue)

Similar (red, oranges)

Complementary (red and green)



Red is the only colour that is truly glossy and pure in its composition; it is exultant. It is a warm colour, associated with the sun and heat.

A fundamental colour, linked with the start of life, it suggests vitality, enthusiasm, passion, agitation, strength, heat, fire, blood, love, daring, courage, boldness, always associated with energetic emotions.

Combinations of red:

Monochromatic (red--->pink)

Triad (red, yellow and blue)

Similar (red, oranges)

Complementary (red and green)



The colour blue is a symbol of depth. Intangible and cool, it creates a favourable mood. The feeling of tranquillity created by blue is different to the terrestrial calm or repose created by the colour green. 

It is a reserved colour, one of the cooler tones. It expresses harmony, friendship, loyalty, serenity, peace, truth, dignity, trust, masculinity, sensuality and comfort.

This colour is associated with the sky, sea and  air. Light blue can suggest optimism.

Combinations of blue:

Monochromatic (Blues)

Triad (Blue, red and yellow)

Similar (blue, mulberry and lilac)

Complementary (blue and orange)




White represents purity, innocence, cleanliness, lightness, youth, softness, peace, happiness, purity, innocence, triumph, glory and immortality.

It is a latent colour, capable of enhancing neighbouring colours, creating a luminous impression of a positive and infinite void.

It stimulates the creative imagination



Green and Pistachio:

Green is the most tranquil and calming colour of them all. It is the colour of unruffled serenity.

It is associated with concepts such as Nature, health, money, originality, growth, abundance, fertility, plants, forests, vegetation, spring, freshness, emerald, honour, courtesy, civility and vigour. Yellowish-green becomes more active and sunny; if it has a more bluish hue, it becomes more sober and sophisticated. 

It signifies hope, things to come, and the desire for eternal life.

Combinations of green:

Monochromatic (Green to light green)

Triad (green, mulberry and orange)

Similar (greens and blues)

Complementary (green and red)



Mulberry and Lilac:

This is the colour of temperance, lucidity and reflection. It is mystical, melancholic and can also represent introversion. 

When lilac or mulberry tends towards violet, it becomes flatter and loses its potential for positive concentration. When it becomes a deeper purple, it gives an impression of majesty. 

It represents fantasy, play, impulsiveness and states of dreaming.

Combinations of mulberry and lilac:

Monochromatic (mulberry)

Triad (mulberry, orange and green)

Similar (mulberry --->red)

Complementary (mulberry and yellow)




The colour orange is welcoming, warm, stimulating and has a very positive and energetic dynamic quality. It possesses an active, radiant and expansive force.

It represents joy, youth, warmth, summer. It is the colour of flesh and the friendly colour of the hearth. It is vibrant like sunlight, exotic like tropical fruits, juicy like an orange, and suggests informality and friendship.

Combinations of orange:

Monochromatic (oranges)

Triad (orange, green and mulberry)

Similar (orange --->yellow)

Complementary (orange and blue)




This is an optimistic and modern colour, denoting joy, enthusiasm, passion, strength, sex, heat, spring, innocence, childhood, and youth. It is also used to express danger and warning.

Yellow has always been associated with intellectuality and clear thought, and some psychologists say that this colour helps people to memorise information.

Combinations of yellow:

Monochromatic (yellows)

Triad (yellow, blue and red)

Similar (yellow and greens)

Complementary (yellow and mulberry)